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Aircon 24 is one of the best air conditioning company.

We will recommend the right brand and application to suit your requirements and environment. We guarantee that our work will be done efficiently and professionally. We pride ourselves in doing the best work.

We are involved in all aspects of air conditioning. Included in the service we provide are repairs, servicing, installations and the sales of various makes of new air conditioning. We are agents for all the major makes of air conditioners and keep stock of most air conditioners and spares.

Our Services

Air Conditioner Installation

Our air conditioner installation service is provided by a team of experienced artisan technicians and air conditioner installer specialists. All highly trained and experienced in the air conditioning industry. Our service guarantee is built on an excellent client service based operational procedure, and we promise only the friendliest, most efficient and effective air conditioner installation technical services. At Aircon24, we work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

DID YOU KNOW ~ A poorly maintained air conditioning system will be contaminated with dirt, mould and other pollutants? Keeping your air conditioning system in this state will also increase the cost of your electricity. Because the system must work harder to push out air. It also will affect the quality of air because it’s circulating, unhealthy, dirty air. Since moulds and bacteria are not always visible to the naked eye. Because you don’t notice it, that does not mean it’s not there.

Air Conditioner System Repairs

Air conditioning has proved its worth once more this summer, as the high temperatures have made only the coolest of environments bearable. Ensuring that your air conditioning continues to work for you as effectively and efficiently

Industrial Air Conditioning

In large industrial or commercial units, it can be difficult to maintain the right working conditions throughout due to climatic issues. Keeping the temperature at the right level for staff is difficult. Older systems degrade and become inefficient, which causes its own problems.

Having the right conditions improves work efficiency and in turn, helps productivity which turns into pounds on the bottom line.We have been dealing with Commercial Applications for many years and are able to ensure your company gets the right solution for you.

To achieve this the first part of the process is to carry out a site survey. We do this for free!

Without this, there is little point in trying to guess what the overall impact will be on your business and the important consideration initially of how much will it cost? Once this is carried out we can provide you with a no obligation view of the cost and savings over your current system. We can show you the statistics of how the introduction of a cooling system can help your business. You can then look at your productivity levels and decide is it a good investment for you. After installation, we are here with our teams to continue the support making sure your system is kept in top working order.